Welcoming Autumn

Don't let Tyler's face fool you, he was thrilled.

Don’t let Tyler’s face fool you, he was thrilled.

Autumn, for a lot of people, means pumpkin spice everything, bonfires, and hunting. For me, it means football, family, cardigans, and pumpkin carving.

When Autumn comes, the one thing I look forward to most is the pumpkin patch. It’s probably the only Halloween activity that I participate in every year. I don’t care about the candy (Okay, maybe I care a little bit about the candy corn.) or costumes; take me to a pumpkin patch and give me a knife!

I don’t know what it is that makes this so wonderful to me. I love the sea of orange and watching all the kids run around with huge smiles on their faces. They probably don’t know why it’s so fun either; it just is. Because I’m a girl, I also love getting the cute picture of Tyler and I with pumpkins as our backdrop. Pumpkins just make me happy and that’s all there is to it.

We usually have a crowd surrounding the picnic tables out at my mom’s pulling guts out of pumpkins and planning our patterns. This year our party was a little smaller with only 4 participants; Tyler, his sister Riley, Anna, and myself. Everyone tries to perfect their carvings and inevitably gets upset at some point, but we all pull through. I’m pretty proud of each of our creations this year so excuse me while I show off our work.

Riley’s Pumpkin

Anna’s Pumpkin

Tyler’s Pumpkin

My Pumpkin

Riley’s owl had a lot of small details so she got a little frustrated trying to get the small carved pieces out but with a little help, it turned out to be beautiful. Anna’s pumpkins look amazing every year whether she does an intricate one or something simple. I think she took the prize for the best lit up pumpkin. Tyler chose something simple this year (probably because we’re usually out until sundown trying to perfect them and this year he wanted to finish in time for the FSU game at 7 pm). He still had some issues when the top left teeth got merged because one of the borders broke off. He improvised though and made it a buck-toothed pumpkin. I chose to go with something that I’ve seen every year but thought was too difficult but, with the right tools, it actually turned out pretty basic.

I hope you enjoyed our work! What are some Halloween traditions you do with family and/or friends? Do you carve pumpkins? If so, comment with a link to your work!

xoxo, Savannah

P.S. Sorry for the picture quality; I should be getting my DSLR camera back soon.


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