Atlanta Getaway

Atlanta Skyline

When I started school, I decided that each semester I want to pay for a weekend getaway for Tyler and I. Early October was our very first of these vacations. I chose Atlanta for many reasons but mostly because I spoil Tyler, who is a die hard Atlanta Braves fan.

The trip would have been a surprise if I didn’t have to make sure Tyler would be off work that weekend but surprises never workout for us (we usually just ruin the surprise because we’re too exited to share what it is). Once I got word that he would definitely be off work, I began booking.

  • Hotel: Check
  • Braves vs. Cardinals Game Tickets: Check
  • Six Flags Tickets: Check

I’m a theme park junkie and Tyler is a baseball player and fan so I was sure this trip would be plenty to make the both of us happy.

Friday Night, once we were both off work, we hit the road. It was a long trip but we managed to arrive around 11 pm with no problems. Because it was a long drive after a long day of work, we decided we’d stay in the first night and prepare for the adventure ahead of us.

Saturday we got up, got some breakfast (our way of avoiding the park prices as much as possible), and headed to Six Flags. We left with plenty of time to make sure we got there right when they opened in order to get ample coaster riding time (12 hours should be plenty, right?). Tyler isn’t a big fan of heights so he was refusing to ride the Goliath, with it’s 20 story drop at the very beginning, from the moment I purchased the tickets. The Goliath is the very first ride you see from the road and the first one you come to inside the gates so, much to my surprise, he talked himself into riding that one FIRST. His logic was that if he can ride that, he should be fine on any of the others, which turned out to be true (we ended up riding the Goliath the most). We spent the day doing laps in the park and making sure we rode each ride, some more than once.

I was unaware, when booking the trip, that Fright Night was going on so when the sun went down, all hell broke loose. There were monsters on every corner chasing guests around the park with chainsaws. After spending 9 hours in the park and nearly losing our voices (thanks to not only the rides, but the monsters too), we decided to call it a night. We headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and then back to the hotel. The weather wasn’t great so we weren’t able to get many pictures but we had a blast!

When we got up Sunday Tyler and I went for breakfast and began our day by heading to Turner Field. The Saturday game was delayed because of weather so it was moved to 1:00 pm on Sunday and the game we paid for would be after that. Luckily, we were able to get into the first game and stay for the second so we ended up getting two games for the price of one!

We got to the field about 2 hours before game time because we wanted to look through the stores and explore a little. Tyler somehow had no Braves shirts at home and before him, I didn’t care about MLB so neither did I. Because this was the last series of the season, the shops had GREAT deals on everything. We ended up getting each of us a shirt, a pack of magnets, a window decal, and a bag to carry our goodies in for only $15! After we thought we had explored enough we went and found our seats. Tyler has always said that if he could sit anywhere, it’d be behind home plate (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?) so I was sure to book as close as I could. We ended up with THE BEST view.

Tyler and I showing off our view.

A couple beers and two wins later, it was 6:30 and time for us to head back home and prepare for the work week ahead. We walked to a couple good picture spots and were on our way. It was so nice to get away from Tallahassee and have a stress-free weekend!

Me signing the Breast Cancer sign outside of the gates.

Tyler and I next to his all time favorite player’s number, Chipper Jones.

On the top deck of the stadium we found a great spot for a picture with the skyline. Thanks to the gloomy weather, it wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.

We walked up to the top deck to see just how high it was.

I hope you enjoyed!

xoxo, Savannah


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