A Hunger for Fitness

I’ve mentioned before that working on my fitness was a huge goal of mine. It’s not that I think I’m fat and want to lower the number on the scale or anything like that; I just know that I am not nearly as fit and in shape as I have been or could be. Looking up my BMI (body mass index), I found out that by some standards, I am “overweight”. By no means, do I agree with this, but I am ready to make sure that isn’t the case.

From about November of 2013 to early March 2014 I was running 3 days a week. I was training to be able to run a 5k (3.1 miles) all the way through and I loved it. Running made me feel alive and good about myself. Additionally, I was slimming down and looking great, which was really just a bonus.

When I totaled my car, I had to stop because I had to rest and let my bones heal (I plan on writing about the wreck and will add a link when I do). After the wreck, I never got back into it. I lost my drive (no pun intended). It was partially because I thought I looked good how I was and had met my goal. I forgot that my goal wasn’t too LOOK good, but to BE good.

Now, I’m ready to get back on track. This time, I don’t think I’ll limit it to running. Tyler and I have made a plan to go sign up at our local Golds Gym with our next pay checks. Because we’re so busy as it is, we’ll need extra determination and motivation since we’ll be waking up 2 hours earlier than we already do just to hit the gym before work.

On top of the gym membership, I will be planning healthier meals and snacks for throughout the day. I want to meal prep and actually have and follow a healthy diet. Since my dad has recently started working late during the weeks, I am in charge of dinner. The original plan was for him to grocery shop on the weekends and then I would cook what he buys for dinner during the week. Instead, I’m going to see about him giving me the money he would spend weekly at the store so that I can buy and plan the meals.

I’ve started a recipe book with all healthy meals; breakfast, lunch, dinner, deserts, and snacks included. I began working on this a while ago but because of my lack of motivation, it never got completed. I’m ready to pick it up again. (I’ll make a “how to” post explaining my recipe book once it’s complete)

I’m not doing this because I’m ashamed of myself. Nobody, no matter what the circumstances, should start a fitness journey because you are ashamed. Don’t look back, look forward. I’m not focusing on how I look now or how much I weigh now; I’m focusing on what I want to look like and, most importantly, how I want to feel. I want to get in shape and be healthy for nobody else other than myself.

My journey starts now. I will post more as I go along. I’ll share my progress and what routines I pick up along the way so that maybe I’ll help someone. Not because I think I’m an expert because, believe me, I’m not, but instead so that maybe I will inspire someone else to better themselves. Follow me on my journey so that you can get ideas or maybe even share some of your own with me. This is a learning process, and I’m ready to learn.

xoxo, Savannah


9 thoughts on “A Hunger for Fitness

  1. Congratulations on achieving 5k runs. This is a huge milestone, and you have much to be commended.
    I am sorry to read about this car crash. Rehabilitation, and healing is a journey in itself, and it is so easy to lose your health and fitness focus.
    You will not regret the lifestyle changes. Once you start to see results, it will start to be a new you, both inside and out. Well done. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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  2. Great read and great attitude. I love that you talk about both motivation and determination. One of my soap boxes is that success toward any goal is a combination of motivation, determination and positive habits. You have taken on a lot. Know that you will stumble and that stumbling is ok. Best.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m hoping that once I get the hang of everything and have my routine down, it will all become a habit. I know I’ve got a road ahead of me and likely a few potholes along the way but I’m ready for it. Thanks for reading!


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