About Me

Hello, everyone!

I want to start by saying that although I’ve wanted to, I’ve never blogged or done anything like this before, so bear with me. I appreciate any constructive criticism but ask that anything hateful be kept off my site. 

Now for the fun stuff!


My name is Savannah and I was born in ’94. I’ve spent all of my years in Tallahassee, Florida cheering on the Noles. (No, I’m not actually a cheerleader, just a fan.) After taking a couple of years, post high school, to find myself, I recently started working towards my A.A. degree at the local community college. I hope to transfer to a university and complete my B.A. and then my M.A. before sitting for the CPA exam. While going to school, I also maintain a full time job with the state. I consider myself an ordinary girl just trying to stay above water while juggling my health, work, school, and relationships.

I grew up as a middle child with two brothers looking out for me; my younger brother, Shane, who is hilarious and also an undercover genius, and my older brother, Dyllan, who is fiercely independent and will always be our protector when needed. Although I wished they were girls when we were younger, growing up with brothers, I feel, has made me stronger. My parents are divorced but have managed to stay best friends. While I’ve always been a daddy’s girl, I’m also very close with my mom. My parents are honestly some of my best friends. I know, I got very lucky in the parent department. On top of having awesome parents, my mom’s long-time boyfriend, Justin (I think they’ve been together for so long they’re legally considered married…or at least should be), is so funny and fits into the family perfectly. Aside from my human family, I also have two four-legged babies; one that purrs (#TipperKitty) and one that barks (#Jaxthelab).

My_People (1)

Additionally, I have two friends who, along with their families, make up my chosen family. The only friend that’s managed to stick by my side for years is my best friend, Anna (I know everyone says it but seriously, she’s more like a sister to me). She knows everything about me and not only keeps me inline but she loves me even when I make it hard. My other best friend, as cliche as it sounds, is my boyfriend, Tyler. In the few years we’ve been together, he’s seen my at my worst and has only loved me and motivated me to become my best. If I didn’t have the two of them, I’m not sure where I’d be.

My_People (2)

I know this page is supposed to be about me but anyone mentioned here plays a very important part in my life. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be mentioned. As you probably assumed, there are other people who I interact with on a daily or weekly basis but are more like supporting roles in my story (some are far more important than others, I just don’t want to list every single person here). When I mention any others in my posts, I’ll explain their role in my life then.

I will also have a vlogging channel on YouTube (eventually I will have time to edit and post a video) and a Twitter account to announce new posts and more! Follow me!

I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Savannah


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